Our Pipeline

Through recent asset acquisitions and ongoing research and clinical development of voclosporin, Aurinia is working to expand the company pipeline and advance innovative therapeutic solutions to help people living with rare autoimmune and kidney related diseases.

AUR200: Recombinant Fc Protein Targeting BAFF/APRIL

AUR200 is a recombinant Fc fusion protein designed to specifically block B-cell Activating Factor, known as BAFF, and A Proliferation-Inducing Ligand, known as APRIL. BAFF and APRIL promote B cell survival and differentiation and have been shown to play a prominent role in the pathogenesis of certain autoimmune and nephrology conditions.

AUR200 is currently undergoing pre-clinical development with projected submission of an IND to the FDA by the end of 2022.

AUR300: M2 macrophage modulation via CD206 binding

AUR300 is a novel peptide therapeutic that modulates M2 macrophages (a type of white blood cells) via the macrophage mannose receptor CD206. Dysregulation of M2 macrophages drives fibrosis. AUR300 acts to reduce M2 dysregulation and decrease inflammatory cytokines, and therefore may have significant clinical applications for autoimmune and fibrotic diseases.

It is anticipated that clinical development for AUR300 will commence during the first half of 2023.