Autoimmune diseases are some of the most burdensome diseases worldwide, affecting tens of millions of people. Patients do not have time to wait. This reality drives our research and development commitment to enhance the standard of care and find solutions for unmet needs.

By committing fully to autoimmune diseases, our experienced and talented research and development team are intentional in their pursuit of:

  • Leading-edge science to develop best-in-class and/or next-generation therapies that can reduce the healthcare burden for patients and their families.
  • Patient-centric approaches and clinical excellence within communities bearing the disease burden.
  • Partnerships with research and development organizations, investigators, and medical communities to further populate and develop a pipeline of innovative products with a high probability of success and accelerated development timelines.

Our development of LUPKYNIS® (voclosporin) to treat active lupus nephritis, a serious manifestation of lupus that causes inflammation of the kidneys affecting primarily people of African, Asian, Hispanic descent and Native peoples, speaks to how we worked to impede the disease’s progression. This development story embodies our vision – enabling patients to live their fullest lives – and exemplifies our scientific acumen to change the trajectory of this serious disease.

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