About Us

Changing the course of autoimmune disease

Aurinia exists to make a difference. Our mission is to transform people’s lives by delivering therapeutics that change the course of autoimmune disease. From the earliest days of the company, we’ve applied a creative, thoughtful and responsible approach to developing therapies for people in need.

In addition to driving adoption of our approved therapy for appropriate people with lupus nephritis, we are also actively pursuing a broader portfolio of innovative drugs for autoimmune disease.

Our strategy leverages the skills and knowledge of our incredible team and our deep experience in principled drug development and commercialization. Together, we are driven to make an impact for our patient communities as advocates and partners in innovation.

The history of voclosporin: a case study in innovation

Aurinia’s story began with a determination to improve the standard of care for patients. For decades, the drug cyclosporin had been used to dampen the immune system to treat a variety of conditions, but a new generation of treatment was needed. Voclosporin was first developed in the early 1990s as a new and improved member of the same family as cyclosporine – the calcineurin inhibitors.

In early clinical trials, voclosporin demonstrated improved immunosuppression and reduced toxicity over cyclosporin – notably in the kidney. Aurinia Pharmaceuticals as we know it today was formed with voclosporin at its heart – as a major new opportunity to transform care for the lupus nephritis community and a foundation for long-term leadership in autoimmune disease therapeutics.