We understand the challenges that patients face and understand that they are individuals with dreams and goals they long to achieve. We will stop at nothing to help them get there. 

Our mission and vision guide all that we do to help patients thrive.

Our Mission

Changing the trajectory of autoimmune diseases is something we strive for every day. We are a dedicated team of experts, relentless in our pursuit of transformative therapies. Our strategy is to develop medicines that significantly enhance how patients manage their disease. Our resilience to pursue scientific and clinical excellence is inspired by their desire to live fully.

Our Vision

Enabling patients to live their fullest lives is about bringing our passion for excellence to our work, whether it is employing scientific innovations to treat autoimmune diseases with unmet medical needs or deep engagement with partners, patients, and medical communities to ensure equitable access to clinical trials and affordable medicines.

Aurinia Values

Supporting our vision and mission and guiding how we work together are our values. These behaviors are foundational to driving our strategy and building a leadership position in specialty pharmaceuticals for autoimmune diseases.


Focus on results that advance our strategy and celebrate successes to foster a culture of engagement.


Engage fully with others across the enterprise to achieve excellence.


Empower questioning, learning, and investigating purpose-driven ways to further our Mission and Vision.


Be accountable for all that we do to ensure the integrity of our work and our reputation.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

We strive to create an environment that accelerates diverse thinking and ideas into scientific breakthroughs and builds a sustainable company. We value every voice and respect every perspective as we unravel the challenges inherent in developing groundbreaking therapies for patients from diverse cultures and geographies. We are committed to cultivating a highly engaged workforce by continually incorporating authentic diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts into our behaviors and culture. We demonstrate our commitment through our hiring practices, our work with outside partners, and our recruitment of patients into clinical trials.

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