Our commitment to providing support to patient communities takes the form of sponsorships and charitable donations that improve health outcomes through providing education, raising awareness, and/or supporting healthcare access to those impacted by LN. We partner with advocacy organizations, community leaders, and legislative champions to promote health equity and ensure resources are delivered to those in need.


We support care providers through continuing medical education grants in an effort to advance healthcare and improve patient outcomes. For more information on our CME Grant program, click here.

All funding requests are reviewed by Aurinia’s Funding Request Review Committee. Aurinia does not provide funding support for events that have already occurred. Please note that completion or acknowledgment of your submission does not indicate that we have agreed to provide support. Support decisions are made only after the review of your complete request. You will be notified of the decision in writing.


To support our goal of advancing healthcare and improving patient outcomes, Aurinia provides grants for independent medical education. Requests for support of an independent medical education activity should be sent to at least 6 months prior to the activity and will be reviewed on a rolling basis.


  • Letter of request on your letterhead
  • Detailed information regarding the objectives of the educational activity, including a description of the target audience, program outcomes, proposed faculty, and therapeutic area to be discussed
  • Detailed agenda including time and location
  • Detailed budget for the entire activity sufficient to determine what percent of the event or program Aurinia is being asked to support
  • W-9 form


Aurinia adheres to the standards defined by the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (ACCME) guidelines, the FDA Guidance: Industry Supported Scientific Educational Activities, and the PhRMA Code.


  • Travel, lodging, meals, or registration for non-faculty healthcare professionals to attend an educational program
  • Operating expenses not directly or exclusively necessary to conduct the event or activity outlined in the grant application
  • A promotional exhibit, display space, or advertisement
  • Entertainment or social events

Please note that all applicants receiving educational grant support will be required to provide periodic interim program updates, as well as final educational program outcomes and a full budget reconciliation when the activity concludes.


For all funding inquiries originating outside the U.S., please complete the request form. Our team will review your request and reach out with further directions.


Requests must be received 6 months prior to the event date for CME grants, or 3 months prior for Advocacy sponsorships or charitable donations.

You will be notified by email when a decision has been made.

Use of the Aurinia logo requires prior permission and approval. If approved, Aurinia will provide the appropriate format.

Please contact the email address where you submitted your funding request.

Charitable donations are financial contributions made to organizations that are recognized as tax-exempt charities and not Aurinia customers. These donations are unrestricted and Aurinia does not receive any tangible benefits.

Financial support may be provided for continuing medical education programs that promote improvements or quality in healthcare and are independently designed and presented by accredited providers.

No. Tax-exempt nonprofits are eligible to apply for medical education grants.

A decision will be provided to the Requestor within 4-6 weeks of the grant request submission date. To check the status of any request, please email


Aurinia welcomes requests from independent third-party organizations for support of medical and patient organizations that advance science and health, align with our focus on autoimmune disease, and/or improve health equity.

Aurinia has supported sponsorships of:

  • Advocacy and awareness events
  • Patient support and education initiatives
  • Community health and wellness fairs
  • Healthcare professional or patient organizations or conferences that seek to:
    • Improve access to healthcare
    • Reduce health disparities for disadvantaged groups
    • Advance education among patients and healthcare professionals

Please submit sponsorship requests to at least 3 months in advance of the event and include the following:

  • Letter of request on your letterhead
  • Details regarding the program, sponsorship type, sponsorship objective, therapeutic objectives, and audience
  • Detailed agenda or program description
  • Detailed budget including sufficient information to determine how Aurinia funding will be used
  • Tangible benefits associated with the funding request
  • W-9 form


Aurinia considers charitable donations to non-profit organizations that advocate for or address the needs of communities affected by autoimmune disease. These donations support local communities and encourage patient involvement in opportunities to learn, network, and share experiences to inform the greater community. Aurinia does not receive any tangible benefits from these donations.

For inquiries from within the United States, please submit charitable donation requests to If the request is associated with an event, please submit it at least 3 months in advance of your event. In all cases, please provide the following:

  • Letter of request on organization letterhead
  • Detailed information regarding the mission of the requesting organization and how Aurinia’s donation will be applied to achieve that mission
  • Detailed budget of the organization or event sufficient to determine how Aurinia funding will be used
  • Detailed agenda or program description
  • W-9 form

For inquiries from outside the United States, please complete the request form. Our internal team will review and reach out with further direction.


Living with an autoimmune disease like lupus nephritis requires navigating a complex healthcare system. At Aurinia, we are committed to increasing access to equitable healthcare for people living with lupus nephritis. Our grants to patient-centered care programs support U.S.-focused advocacy organizations that address healthcare disparities faced by the underserved LN community, providing individualized support to help patients effectively manage their disease.

The grants aim to ensure that patients are educated about the importance of routine screenings and medical appointments, that their basic needs are met, and that they are connected with the resources they need to receive ongoing treatment and medical care. Contact to learn more.

2024 Community Impact Grant Awards

Aurinia’s 2024 grant opportunity is designed for organizations serving the lupus nephritis community to create and disseminate resources that address socio-economic barriers preventing LN screening, diagnosis, and treatment. Our 2024 Request for Proposal, including grant requirements and submission process, can be found here 2024 Community Impact Grant RFP.

Please note that all applications must be received by 5:00 p.m.ET on November 30, 2023, and all applicants must use the response template found here 2024 RFP Reporting Template. 

Questions? Contact 

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